Our culture is one of respect, positivity, diversity, and big ideas. We serve and empower diverse audiences by understanding the impact of media, entertainment, and technology on society. Our approach centers on human perceptions, motivations and behaviors - “why” people engage with content and the systemic influence of media and technology on culture and society. If you're passionate about the intersection of technology, gender, and media, then FEM inc might be the right place for you. Please find our current job openings below. 






Must have deep understanding of statistical and probabilistic theory needed to analyze complicated systems used to mathematically model the underlying phenomena based on observed data points and strong background related to computationally handling big data system, especially parallel computing paradigm, data mining, and machine learning. Continuously develop and cultivate an understanding as to which statistical methods can be applied to determine whether methods and results are appropriate. Perform complex calculations as part of analysis using mathematical modeling, machine learning and data mining. Identify relationships and trends in data by analyzing and interpreting online video engagement statistical data to identify sources of information and ensure the effectiveness of algorithms; proficiency with SQL to develop new algorithms by detecting patterns in user behavior and identify and remove invalid sources of traffic (e.g. bots). 

Describe and express observations and conclusions in mathematical terms. Adopt statistical methods by extracting various features from video metadata using both machine learning techniques using Tensorflow and SciKit, and big data sources to index and categorize different videos. Plan data collection methods to appropriately normalize and transform historical user behavior data and train statistical models to predict future engagement of a video. Develop software applications to use for statistical modeling and write pipelines to collect samples to validate models. Evaluate statistical methods and procedures used to obtain metadata to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Use these to pipelines to prepare data for processing to enable rigorous feature weighting and model selection. Process large amounts of data for statistical modeling by utilizing cloud computing solutions such as AWS and Google Cloud to ingest and process data at scale. Develop software and test experimental algorithms to run A/B tests to optimize recommendations and UI features parameters across different domains. Design computer simulations to model physical data and analyze results. Write centralized services to enable querying of data by a number of sources and write pipelines continuously update existing models. Write endpoints and scripts to compute aggregate video performance metrics in real time to report results of statistical analyses to customers in a dashboard and to analyze results of experiments. Make updates to organization of existing datasets and data processing infrastructures to make them more cost effective and efficient. Designing research projects that apply valid scientific techniques and use information obtained from baselines or historical data to structure uncompromised and efficient analyses. Presenting statistical and non-statistical results using charts, graphs, and the Prizma Dashboard in weekly team and engineering meetings and as needed. The applicant will be expected to provide instructions fetching data using from various large data stores including BigQuery, Mongo, etc. as well as providing instructions on our methods of collecting and tabulating data. Evaluate sources of information to determine any limitations in terms of reliability or usability. 


Must possess bachelor degree in statistics, physics, mathematics, or related analytics degree in quantitative field and two years of experience. 



Please send a cover letter and resume to us at careers(at)fem-inc.com.